Wednesday, March 23, 2011

crash course in rigging...

So I am following along in the "Learning AutoDesk Maya 2008: The Modeling and Animation Handbook" to set up a rig for my character. Been a couple of years since I played with joints and IK systems but no time for play now. Maya is very picky about joint orientation and the slightest rotation of joints can make your IK system do funky things. Good thing is that I am learning how to spot and fix those problems as they occur and rebuilding and re-parenting the systems is giving me a great tutorial. As well as Erik's personal tutorials, which are worth much more that I can ever express. Legs done, working on clavicles then roll bone, hands and spine.

Monday, March 21, 2011


so the work time that I had blocked out was blocked by no access to the lab. Guess this is good experience for the real world when a computer breaks down, power outages, life interrupts. Frustration is part of the territory, animation is not for the meek or tentative. Fortitude and determination and a new game plan are in order.
just keep suiting up and showing up. Charge!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In My Head

So completely in my head these days, seeing how my experience can influence my work. Currently working on a new model, or at least a proxy and rigging it so I can start blocking out scenes. I know not to fall in love with one idea or concept to where you cannot see when it needs to be changed or left behind. I'm wondering if holding on to the wire model, creating it in 3D is holding on... I really like the way it plays in light and the challenge of creating that in Maya. Just need to keep, keeping on.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Back to the drawing board this model will not work...hmmm

Production Schedule

March 12 Base model and rig completed.
March 19 Scenerio 1 Blocked in pop through / Research environment styles remembering strengths of photo manipulation, After Effects, 3D.
March 26 Scenerio 2 Blocked in pop through / Decision on enviroment style
April 2 Scenerio 3 Blocked in pop through
April 9 Scenerio 4 Blocked in pop through
April 16 Timing, possible scenerio 5 blocked
April 23 Timing & possible music, Begin animation of one scene
April 30 Animation of one scene
May 4th, Last Day of Class, Render and tweak.

Moving along...

Next stage in Modeling, still need to find a script for rigging, then on to blocking out scenes.

I decided to lengthen the legs and shorten the torso, the shorter legs were reminding me of a clown character. I want the shapes to be simple yet relatable. The head is looking a little flat to me, may need to round out a bit more. There will be no arms as I am focusing on pantomine of the upper body to see how much expression I can get out of head, shoulder and torso. Still thinking about texture.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Start of 3D model